Augmented reality for packaging

Packaging business is undergoing the greatest transformation of its activity. At the heart of societal and ecological issues, due to the globalization and consumers’ requirements, packaging is endlessly improved: lighter, functional, more beautiful, more eco-friendly, more connected… How to deliver more messages with less space? What is the future of packaging?

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Overview of facebook game on Danone organic natural yoghurt packaging with SnapPress augmented reality technology

Your packaging as a gateway to your digital content

The packaging is physically constrained by its shape and size, graphically by the printed space allocated to it, legally by all the legal indications required… it is always asked to tell more and more. Originally designed to protect a content, the packaging is now more than ever a marketing tool designed to be bought. Whether by its design or presentation, it has to be unique.

The phenomenal success of mobile applications such as “Yuka” or “QuelCosmetic”, which meet customers’ increasing demand for transparency, highlights the concern and attentiveness of actual consumers.

Augmented packaging thus become the gateway to a rich brand universe that allows to display unseen experiences around the product.


of purchasing decisions are made in stores


of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer offering augmented reality


commitment, each packaging scan generates at least one click

No change in the current shape or size of the packaging is required

Upgrade your packaging with digital enhancements and start storytelling

  • ValidNo change in the current shape or size of the packaging is required
  • ValidTransform your packaging into a 360 communication platform to tell a story.
  • ValidImprove product perception: security, serenity, confidence
  • ValidPromote traceability from the creation of the product and its packaging to its end-of-life
  • ValidFight counterfeiting by providing consumer guarantees
  • ValidPromote the know-how of the producer/designer in a fun way
  • ValidIncrease the memorization rate through a "wow" effect
  • ValidImprove customer satisfaction through an improved shopping experience
  • ValidStand out from the competition by increasing product visibility in an increasingly crowded space (on the shelf or on the packaging itself)
  • ValidEstablish a dialogue with consumers (instant contact form)
  • ValidMake your product an event (gift games / contests, daily updating of content in augmented reality...)
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    The best augmented reality use cases for packaging

    Box - Box-set - Labels - Plug - Doggy Bag - Coffee capsules - Case - Cups

    Client work: Danone X Playmobil X SnapPress X High Co Data

    In 2018, food giant Danone is teaming up with Playmobil to offer a unique experience with an accessible augmented reality competition on the packaging of the new Danone BIO yogurt pack.

    SnapPress’ creative studio took care of the creative part, while HighCoDATA created the facebook game displayed over the packaging.

    Overview of Danone organic natural yoghurt packaging with SnapPress augmented reality technology

    A campaign rewarded by its European nomination at Nudging for Good Awards, by AIM and BVA

    Danone’s idea was to partner with Playmobil to make Danone Bio Kids nature more attractive for children between 6 and 12 years old, and to use augmented reality to engage children and parents. The Playmobil farm that appears on the pack informs the user about the healthy and natural origins of the product. To motivate people to scan, each yogurt scanned is entered into a contest to win one of the 1,200 Playmobil toys.

    The operation was well received by French retailers and consumers, it generated nearly 40,000 consumer visits to the augmented reality website, all 1,200 Playmobil toys were won.

    A success : Present the new recipe for Danone Nature BIO yogurt by offering Danone Nature BIO customers a fun experience with a connected game and Playmobil gifts to win.

    Video overview of Danone organic natural yoghurt packaging with SnapPress augmented reality technology

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