Augmented reality for product packaging

Packaging is at the center of every conversation about the environment, and it is closely inspected. It has to be more appealing, more practical, and contain less plastic. How to you convey your message on a reduced amount of space? What does the future of packaging hold?

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Overview of facebook game on Danone organic natural yoghurt packaging with SnapPress augmented reality technology

Your packaging are a gateway to new digital contents

Packaging is limited in size and content. Legally speaking, your packaging has to include your product’s ingredients and other information about the importer and manufacturer, often on a rather small surface. And with the emergence of interactive media and online services, your packages are expected to contain more and more information to grab the attention. Today more than ever, your packaging plays a key role in your marketing campaigns and need to stand out through its content and its design.

Modern day consumers are curious, attentive, and sensitive to their surroundings. Successful apps like Yuka or QuelCosmetic are the living proof that users expect more transparency in the products they want to buy.

Using augmented reality for your packaging allows you to convey as much information as you’d like to your consumers, all the while creating a unique experience for them as soon as they hold your product in hand.


of purchase decisions are made in store


of consumers are more inclined to buy products from a retailer that uses AR


active engagement, as each scan generates at least one click

Tell your brand’s story through packaging and immerse your consumer in your universe thanks to augmented reality

Advantages of augmented reality on packaging

  • ValidNo need to modify the shape or size of your current packaging
  • ValidTell your story with 360° campaigns and enhance the perception of your product by generating trust, security, and serenity
  • ValidTrack your product, from its creation to the end
  • ValidFight against counterfeit products by bringing serious guarantees to your clients
  • ValidPromote your creator/artisan’s craft and expertise with playful materials
  • ValidIncrease memorization rate by triggering a “wow” effect
  • ValidImprove user experience and increase positive feedbacks
  • ValidStand out from competitors with unique and interactive packaging and make your product visible on packed shelves
  • ValidCreate a dialogue with your consumer with a contact form readily available
  • ValidPromote your product with contests and updated information
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    Best ways to use SnapPress for packaging

    Boxes – corks – doggy bags – protective cases and sleeves – free goodies

    Client project: Danone X Playmobil X SnapPress X HighCoData

    In 2018, agriculture and food giant Danone partnered with Playmobil to incite parents and kids alike to purchase their products with an interactive AR campaign. SnapPress was in charge of the design of the campaign, and HighCoDATA was in charge of the creation of the Facebook game displayed over the packaging.

    Overview of Danone organic natural yoghurt packaging with SnapPress augmented reality technology

    A campaign rewarded by its European nomination at Nudging for Good Awards, by AIM and BVA

    The goal was to make Danone Bio Kids, a yogurt line for young consumers between the age of 6 and 12, more attractive to their targeted audience. Through augmented reality, parents and kids could scan the yogurt cups and get the chance to win one of 1200 Playmobil toys and learn about the origin of the product.

    Results were tangible and the campaign was a success. Almost 40K clicks were registered, and all 1200 toys were won.

    Video overview of Danone organic natural yoghurt packaging with SnapPress augmented reality technology

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