Augmented reality for direct mail

Invitation, business card, birth or wedding announcement… paper remains the preferred medium for important moments. How to engage then your audiences ?

Want to know more about Augmented Reality on print?

Upgrade your paper cards with interactive digital add-ons

Far from being obsolete, print gives value to the message displayed. Printed media are easy to handle, store and display, so they have a longer lifespan than digital communication.

Upgrade your graphics, choose the paper’s quality and finishes…you can now go further in your campaigns thanks to augmented reality. Get out of the box, give a new dimension to your addressed and unaddressed mail campaigns. Renew the experience, involve your audience: visual animations, digital interactions, contests, branded videos… set up the augmented cards.

Scanning an augmented card with your phone reveals “hidden” interactive content, added over your physical card. This technology surprises and makes the impression lasts. Choose the endless digital features: publish immersive multimedia content such as video, interact with your audience through CTA links or online forms, provide real-time information or games to enhance the overall experience and engage your audiences.

Your audience will keep this original print, and may even demonstrate it to their relatives. The digital complete the print with augmented reality. You can take advantage on both devices. Augment your printed mailings and give a new dimension to your direct marketing campaigns!

Your audiences will keep this original print, and may even demonstrate it to their relatives

The advantages of augmented reality for direct mail

  • ValidOpen up a larger space of expression than the ones imposed by the traditional format of the physical medium
  • ValidIncrease the memorization rate through a "wow" effect and provoke word of mouth
  • ValidReal-time information & remotely editable to increase the lifespan of your media through content renewal
  • ValidPropose shortcuts that engage contact and reduce the effort of entering information
  • ValidImprove recipient satisfaction through an enhanced experience
  • ValidGamify your campaigns to increase the engagement rate
  • ValidCampaign tracking and statistics to study the behavior of your recipients
  • ValidNo change in the current shape or dimensions of your printed material is necessary
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    The best use cases

    Business card - Greeting card - Postcard - Birthday card - Invitation card Loyalty card - Wedding announcement card - Birth announcement card - Promotional and advertising mail

    Customer realisation : Grand Optical X SnapPress

    On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the Grand Optical eyewear brand (Grand Vision Group) has set up a direct marketing campaign aimed at all its customers. In metropolitan France and overseas, 100 000 augmented Christmas cards were distributed in letterboxes. The card, once scanned by the user, reveals a special promotional offer to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary.

    Successful objective: 16 times more physical appointments obtained in store for Grand Optical through this advertising mailing in augmented reality than with a traditional mailing on the same type of offer.

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