Augmented reality for direct email campaigns

Invites, business cards, save the dates… Prints are still the preferred method to announce important news.
How to get your recipients to notice your mail?

Want to know more about Augmented Reality on print?

Your paper invites can become an immersive experience

Using quality paper, modern lettering and great graphics are all efficient ways to make your printed invites noticeable, but augmented reality will bring them to life and make them really stand out. Turn your recipient into an integral part of the experience with visual animations, contests, or video content.

Scanning the printed invites with your smartphone will reveal extra information invisible to the naked eye. It will add a new layer to your printed material, and help your recipients remember you; they will be more inclined to keep the paper invite, and maybe even show it to their friends and family.

Your recepients will be more inclined to keep the paper invite, and maybe even show it to their friends and family

Advantages of augmented reality for direct mail campaigns

  • ValidConvey more information than possible on a simple paper invite
  • ValidIncrease memorization rate with a “wow” effect and help your campaign go viral
  • ValidGive your printed materials more life expectancy by updating their content without having to reprint
  • ValidFacilitate contact with your recipients with an automatic contact form
  • ValidIncrease your satisfaction rate with a unique experience
  • ValidGive your campaigns a playful tone and increase your engagement rate
  • ValidMeasure your campaigns’ efficiency and your recipients’ behavior through statistics
  • ValidNo changes to the printout are necessary
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    Best ways to use AR for your direct mail campaigns

    Business cards – holiday cards – birthday cards – invites – loyalty cards – save the dates – advertising mail

    Client project: Grand Optical X SnapPress

    To celebrate its 30 years in business, the optical store chain created a unique and playful Christmas card that was sent out to over 100000 people all over France. Upon scanning the card with the SnapPress app, recipients would activate a special offer.

    The campaign was highly successful, with a 16X increase of in-store visits comparing to a regular direct mail campaign.

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