Augmented reality for printed catalogues

The ecological issues and the markets growing digitization raise questions about the future of the catalogue. Should we reduce its distribution? Decrease the number of pages? Optimize its content?

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Your printed catalogues as new e-commerce channels

For 20 years, the distribution sector has been stacking all the levers of digital expression: websites, emails, search, display, social networks, applications… without replacing the catalogue! Why?

Because the human brain loves print. A study led by Temple University neuroscientists in 2015 showed that paper advertising activates the part of the brain that attributes value and desire, more intensely than digital media. An increased activity that also indicates greater intent to purchase.

While multi-channel marketing has become the norm in the retail experience, print catalogues that offer augmented reality experiences encourage multi-channel consumer behaviour. By offering additional content, users move from print to digital, they are now able to watch a video, fill out online order forms or play contest games in augmented reality.

New experiences and editorial contents bring your brand image to new levels. Your augmented reality catalogues engage the reader, create an experience and build brand loyalty — and they instigate purchases with interactive and dynamic content.


of catalogues trigger a website visit Source


of top 100 companies still send mailbox catalogues Source


of consumers get ideas for household shopping trips from the printed flyers they receive in the mail Source

A printed catalog works well with other marketing channels

Why you should augment your catalogues

  • ValidNo change in the current shape or size of your print
  • ValidStage your products to tell a story
  • ValidImprove product perception with additional editorial content (videos, modelling...)
  • ValidIncrease your materials creativity
  • ValidMake your catalogues part of your multi-channel marketing strategy
  • ValidCreate live contact paths
  • ValidIncrease the memorization rate through a "wow" effect
  • ValidImprove customer satisfaction through an improved shopping experience
  • ValidSet a dialogue with consumers (instant contact form)
  • ValidMake your product an event (contest games, daily updating of your augmented reality content...)
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    Best use cases for augmented reality catalogues

    Leaflets - booklets - catalogues - mailings

    Client work: Tupperware X SnapPress

    The famous container brand Tupperware chose SnapPress augmented reality solution to provide an additional service to its traditional advertising catalogue.

    The Tupperware catalogue lists all the brand products as well as many innovations. The service provided in augmented reality allows to visualize videos of the different products. Users can also get exclusive recipes and other editorial contents usually displayed on the brand’s website, but now linked over the print catalogue.

    Overview of Tupperware catalogue with SnapPress augmented reality technology

    The customer benefits from the reading comfort and quality of the printed catalogue, but can also access additional information and exclusive editorial content by scanning the various products. A nice way to enhance a traditional catalog with interactive features.

    Overview of Tupperware catalogue with SnapPress augmented reality technology

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