Augmented reality for printed catalogs

Environmental concerns and the digitalization of content could threaten the future of printed catalogs. Should we reduce their distribution ? Decrease the number of pages ? Optimize their content ?

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Your printed catalogs can lead to online sales

For the past 20 years, marketers have adopted every single digital development, one by one: websites, emails, search bars, social media, apps, online baskets and wallets. But catalogs were never replaced.

Why ? Because our brain loves printed materials ! In 2015, neuroscientists at Temple University in Pennsylvania demonstrated that printed advertising activates the part of our brain that triggers desire and value, more so than digital materials.

Transforming catalogs into multichannel materials can boost sales and appeal to consumers with the advantages of both printed materials and digital tools.

Catalogs layered with multimedia will allow consumers to start their purchase journey with your printed materials and close the sale online through ordering forms, thanks to augmented reality. It will also surprise your consumers and make them more loyal to your brand.


of catalogs generate a visit on the company’s website Source


of the top 100 brands still send catalogs by mail Source


of consumers buy a product after being in contact with printed materials Source

A printed catalog works well with other marketing channels

Advantages of augmented reality for catalogs

  • ValidNo need to tweak or modify the actual print itself
  • ValidOffer a quality display for your products
  • ValidImprove the perception of your products with additional digital material (audio, 3D models...)
  • ValidTurn your catalogs into creative outlets
  • ValidIncorporate your catalogs in your multichannel marketing plans
  • ValidCreate direct points of contact
  • ValidIncrease memorization rate with a « wow » effect
  • ValidImprove user experience
  • ValidCreate a dialogue with your users by incorporating a digital contact form to your catalogs
  • ValidPromote your products with special games and contests
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    Best ways to use SnapPress with catalogs

    Leaflets – commercial brochures – flyers – catalogs – direct mail

    Client project: Tupperware X SnapPress

    Tupperware’s catalog includes all of their products available in stores and online. Thanks to AR, readers can watch videos showcasing the products, and even find recipes using Tupperware products.

    Those add-ons were already available on Tupperware’s website, but with AR consumers are now able to access this content directly through the catalog.

    Overview of Tupperware catalogue with SnapPress augmented reality technology

    That way users can still enjoy flipping through the pages of the printed material, and scan their products of interest for additional information.

    Overview of Tupperware catalogue with SnapPress augmented reality technology

    Our partner using AR with their catalogs

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