Augmented reality for retail

For 20 years, the way businesses operate has changed dramatically. Shoppers expect new technologies to optimize their buying experience and help them save money. They want to spend less, and faster. How to position your physical business and its printed materials in the digital world ? Retail leaders such as Decathlon or Pandora managed to merge both worlds, the tangible and the digital, and closed that gap thanks to augmented reality.

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Overview of the house catalog with SnapPress augmented reality technology

Retailers, create more traffic to your physical stores and website by offering more services through your printed materials

AR can help retailers deal with the new expectations of their consumers by weaving the tangible and digital worlds together.

Business owners with physical stores need to use traditional marketing tools to attract their clientele, such as their window display, product packaging, customer service, catalogs and promotional flyers. Consumers love those tools, but they also turn to digital more often by ordering online, comparing prices on multiple websites or asking for people’s input on a given product on forums.

With augmented reality, retailers can respond to those new user behaviors by guiding their consumers from the moment they discover the product until they finalize the sale, in store or online.


of French people prefer a newspaper over the digitized version


of consumers believe that the quality of printed materials are representative of the quality of the product or service of the company

2x - 8x

better conversion rate comparing to classic e-commerce

Augmented reality allows the creation of digital tools without disrupting traditional printed materials, thus pleasing both technophiles and technophobes

Advantages of AR for retail

  • ValidDiversify your avenues of communication and convey more information to your consumers
  • ValidFacilitate user behavior by having a digital and physical presence, and improve your conversion rate
  • ValidIncrease foot traffic in store by making user experience more vibrant
  • ValidDevelop loyalty to your brand or product and involve your community
  • ValidIncrease memorization rate by triggering a «wow» effect
  • ValidMake user experience more special and improve user satisfaction
  • ValidStand out from competitors with innovative methods of communication
  • ValidImprove your brand image
  • ValidReduce the need for customer service by making consumers more autonomous
  • ValidGather statistics from your campaigns and measure your return on investment
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    Best ways to use SnapPress for retail

    Catalogs – in-store advertising – packaging – flyers – contests – window displays – posters

    Client project: E.Leclerc X SnapPress

    The retail giant E. Leclerc partnered with the agency Hudik and SnapPress to bring their product catalogs to life.

    It’s a fact, product catalogs are stern and tedious because they act as an inventory of what is in store with dozens of products per page and very small visuals. With the help of SnapPress and augmented reality, the catalog came to life with beautiful visuals and animations, attracting the users’ attention and triggering sales.

    Overview of the house catalog with SnapPress augmented reality technology

    As users flipped through the pages of the catalog while looking through the screen of their smartphone, products would change color and angles to showcase all available color options and give a more thorough overview of the products. The catalog also offered fun visuals coming out of the pages, as if brought to life, like a rooster sitting on the table next to a visual for egg cups.

    Video overview of the house catalog with SnapPress augmented reality technology

    Retailers who included AR in their business strategies

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