Augmented reality in the press

For the past 20 years, traditional media such as press and television have faced a significant decline due to younger audiences turning to streaming services and the Internet. This triggered a massive digital transition of the press in the form of websites, podcasts, and website banners. How can we make traditional press appealing to Millenials, who are used to fast news and interactivity?

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Overview of Voici magazine with SnapPress augmented reality technology

Enhancing traditional press with AR’s digital tools

Quite a few leaders in the press industry have already turned to augmented reality to enhance their products and keep up with today’s technological improvements.

Although the Internet is a popular channel of information, it is also saturated with advertising messages that act as diverting factors. It is easy to fall into an Internet rabbit hole, forgetting why we were surfing the web to begin with. With augmented reality, users can focus on what they were looking for by holding a physical newspaper that has been enhanced with targeted and useful multimedia add-ons. That way they can be more grounded and relaxed when they receive the information, but also be more receptive thanks to the multimedia dimension.


of people are more receptive to printed messages than digital ones


of people prefer the printed version of magazines. 55% of them prefer the printed version of newspapers.


of people find printed content to be more trustworthy

Thanks to augmented reality, it is now possible to merge multimedia content into printed materials

Advantages of augmented reality for the press

  • ValidOffer exclusive content to attract new clients
  • ValidEngage audiences with interactive games
  • ValidKeep readers up-to-date on latest news and sporting results
  • ValidIllustrate texts with images and other digital add-ons
  • ValidSurprise readers and rejuvenate your image
  • ValidImprove memorization rate with an enhanced user experience
  • ValidDeliver personalized messages
  • ValidProfit from digital content by offering a new streaming channel
  • ValidGather statistics for future campaigns and improve your return on investment
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    Best ways to use SnapPress in the press

    Cover pages – special features – culture and entertainment-related content – sporting results – tutorials – advertising pages – games – forecast content – newsflash

    Client project: Prisma Media X SnapPress

    Prisma Media is a leading force in the French press industry with more than 26 newspapers and magazines for all ages.

    To keep up with their multitude of digital competitors and appeal to the younger audience that represents a big portion of their market, Prisma Media launched Prisma XR, a digital department in charge of developing new ways to surprise audiences by adding multimedia content to their printed materials through the SnapPress app.

    The first test was done with Neon, a Millenials favorite. Younger audiences showed real interest and the success was such that Prisma Media expanded the experiment to other magazines.

    Overview of the Capital press title frome Prisma Media with SnapPress augmented reality technology

    Prisma Media really understood their young audience’s needs and repositioned themselves as a modern company open to innovation. Augmented reality was the perfect tool for them to take that step, since it is the most technologically advanced method to merge tangible and digital together. And in addition to discovering a new multi-layered experience through the app, users could also share their own content on social media, as they would have done with any regular news website. Augmented allowed them to stay connected, all the while enjoying the quality of printed materials.

    Readers loved that digital switch and helped Prisma Media boost their sales and reestablish themselves on the press market. In the end, over 100K scans and 163K clicks were done on the printed versions of the magazines.

    Video overview of the Geo press title from Prisma Media with SnapPress augmented reality technology

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