Augmented reality for education

Teaching techniques have evolved to be more interactive and playful with digital elements that newer generations are familiar with. Giving education a new dimension by using 3D models, video and audio content with AR will help teachers captivate their students’ attention and keep them interested.

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Overview of Ouest France educational magazine with SnapPress augmented reality technology

Discover the powerful DTP software we created to turn AR into an educational tool

  • The educational tools that we have developed are accessible to a wide audience, and we can fully train teachers and educators to use our DTP software and incorporate it in their classroom.
  • Through ARGO and in partnership with several graphic design schools, we offer students full access to our AR platform. This allows them to broaden their skillset and master our DTP software.
  • Some of our educational partners include leading publishers such as Bordas and Nathan, which AR adds a real and valuable dimension to. With digital questionnaires, tutorial videos and soon the possibility to create online forums between students, school books can become so much more than they are currently known for.

Incorporating augmented reality in the educational system allows students to be at the center of their own learning experience.

Advantages of AR in the educational system

  • ValidLearn and teach in a playful way
  • ValidCreate visual animations that will improve memorization
  • ValidProvide additional information on a given subject
  • ValidUpdate educational content more easily
  • ValidImprove learning autonomy
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    Best ways to use SnapPress for education purposes

    • For training: turn classrooms into an entertaining environment, explain tricky concepts by stimulating the senses, faciliate the learning experience with interactive games
    • For students: discover and understand new concepts, illustrate projects with 3D models and visuals
    • In graphic design schools: expand skillsets, push the limits of creativity, establish a bridge between print and digital

    Client project: C3N agency X SnapPress

    C3N, an agency focused on training people in the construction field, organized an open house and invited people to discover their services. Visitors could scan their flyers and discover various detailed job descriptions related to the content on the printed material.

    Video overview of the presentation and promotion brochure for construction industry school while open house with SnapPress augmented reality technology

    Our educational partners

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