Augmented reality for education

Given the democratization of the internet, textbooks are no longer the dominant reference material. Teachers can now use countless external resources.

Learning based on creativity and interaction is powerful, especially as new generations are particularly stimulated by multimedia. Today, 80% of young people own smartphones. Capture a growing number of students, augment your traditional printed materials with 3D animations, videos and audio files : give a new dimension to your educational resources!

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Overview of Ouest France educational magazine with SnapPress augmented reality technology

An intuitive and powerful DTP software to create educational augmented reality

  • At SnapPress we develop tools to make augmented reality accessible to the general public. We provide teachers and instructors with intuitive software solutions and comprehensive training that allows them to quickly become autonomous in the creation of AR content
  • Today we have partnerships with graphic design schools. We provide creative students with our platform, enabling them to adopt innovations in the graphic arts sector and complement their skills and knowledge of DTP tools
  • Among our clients in the education sector we have publishers such as Bordas & Nathan, major players in educational book publishing. Augmented reality allows users to discover answers, access corrections, connect tutorial videos to paper, and soon to open a discussion channel between communities to interact on topics.

Augmented Reality in education brings students to the heart of learning.

The benefits of augmented reality in education

  • ValidLearning while having fun
  • ValidTeaching in a playful way
  • ValidCreate visual demonstrations that are easier to remember
  • ValidProvide additional information
  • ValidUpdate the information
  • ValidAccess a complete and affordable software
  • ValidEmpowered, individualised learning
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    Use cases

    • For teachers : Animate classrooms & Explain difficult concepts & Engage interactions & Organize games
    • For students : Discovering and learning & Viewing modeled objects
    • For graphic design schools : Access an innovative tool & Prepare skills new-market oriented

    Client work: C3N agency X SnapPress

    Creation by the C3N agency for a training centre in the building for their open-house. The scan of the welcome flyer opens a description of the different building trades.

    Video overview of the presentation and promotion brochure for construction industry school while open house with SnapPress augmented reality technology

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