Augmented reality for communities

The modernization of cities has been underway for over a decade, multiplying communication lines between people and objects thanks to mobile technology.

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Printed materials act as a starting point to enhance the experience of a city

The term « Smart City » refers to any digital project created to optimize the city’s infrastructure and its urban services.

The goal is to find the perfect balance between becoming digitized communities and keeping the human interactions alive. Augmented reality is the perfect tool to keep this balance intact as it is optional and complements pre-existing information without disrupting it.

Connecting traditional medium of communication with AR allows a community to provide updated information to its people as well as valuable multimedia content.

We all love the tangible aspect of printed materials, but users are turning more and more towards digital tools. They research products and services on the Internet, compare websites, leave and read reviews on search engines. With AR you can offer all those services through your existing printed materials. Connect your city’s information and your people’s information to facilitate the link between your community and your public services to improve quality of life of your citizens as well as visitors. Give urban services a whole new dimension.

Modern day citizens still love the tangible aspect of printed materials, but they now turn more and more towards digital tools

Advantages of augmented reality for communities

  • ValidOffer exclusive and renewable content to attract tourists and citizens to specific locations
  • ValidCreate a dialogue with citizens through contact forms
  • ValidGet younger audiences to engage with the community
  • ValidInitiate new channels of communication and information
  • ValidUpdate citizens in real time about latest news and local sporting events results
  • ValidSimplify administrative steps with digital guides that complement existing printed materials
  • ValidEnhance administrative experience with innovate digital and tangible services
  • ValidAttract a new audience with the modernization of cultural materials
  • ValidImprove memorization rate with a better touristic experience
  • ValidExploit your digital materials by giving them a new channel of publication
  • ValidPromote your partners’ knowledge and expertise
  • ValidGather statistics and observe your citizens’ behaviors to improve their quality of life
  • ValidSimply add a digital layer to your existing printed materials
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    Best ways to use SnapPress for communities

    Municipal publications and newspapers - tourist guides and pamphlets – exhibitions and museums – posters in public places and public transportation – invites – treasure hunt to discover the city – events – libraries

    Client project: City of Roanne X SnapPress

    The city of Roanne (France) created the very first municipal newspaper with 100% of its content enhanced by augmented reality. Every article offered an interactive tool in audio, video or 3D animation. Articles in the newspaper linked back to the city’s website ( for further information, video, or special interviews related to the articles.

    The campaign was so innovative that Cap’Com, the leading network of public communication in the country with over 25000 members and 30 years of experience, awarded the city with a special price during its annual contest.

    Goals achieved:

    • Turn a municipal newspaper into an enjoyable experience and make it a valuable asset to the city
    • Turn public information into a unique and interesting product in its content but also in the way the content was presented
    • Engage a younger audience, who might not usually feel involved with the public matters of their city

    Communities offering tools with AR

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