Cities and augmented reality

The way how cities get involved with digital has multiplied communications between people and objects thanks to mobile and embedded technologies.

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Printed communications to enrich city’s life

Any digital project aimed at optimising the city infrastructures and networks is referred as “Smart City”.

The challenge for local authorities is to find the right balance : how to lead progress while keeping a city humanistic?

Augmented reality is a technology that encourages self-service and provides deep information at the same time. You can reach it whenever you want, you decide. Connecting your traditional communication materials with augmented reality allows you to provide real-time information to your citizens as well as rich multimedia content.

We still appreciate the physical dimension of printed media, such as tourist guides or city magazines, but users today have digital habits. Using their smartphones, they find information online, share their feelings or look for opinions on online forums… Augmented reality allows you to offer these digital services over your printed materials.

Connect every city media with augmented reality : your city’s newspaper, your mailings… Ease the data acquisition and enhance direct dialogue between citizens and public authorities. Give urban services a new dimension!

consumer still appreciates the physical dimension of media such as tourist guides or city magazines, but has developed digital habits

The benefits of augmented reality for communities

  • ValidOffer exclusive and renewable content to attract tourists and citizens to specific locations
  • ValidEstablish a dialogue with consumers and citizens through instant contact links
  • ValidInform in real time of the city latest news and sports results
  • ValidIllustrate texts with multimedia content for more immersive experiences
  • ValidMake your city progress thanks to innovative services that combine reality and virtual
  • ValidAttract new audiences through the modernization of cultural heritage mediation
  • ValidIncrease the memorization rate through tourist experience enrichment
  • ValidCapitalize on your digital content by offering it a new communication space
  • ValidPromote territorial actors’ knowledge and know-how
  • ValidObtain statistics and observe your audience behaviour
  • ValidNo change in the current shape or size of your media
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    The best use cases

    Municipal magazine - Travel guides and booklets - Exhibitions, museums & patrimony - Public transport billboard - Invitation cards - Scavenger hunt - Event & commercial animation - Libraries and media libraries

    Client work : City of Roanne X SnapPress

    The french city of Roanne released its first 100% augmented reality magazine. Interactive content is displayed over each article (video, audio, pictures, 3D animations…), a qualitative editorial add on.

    The city website ( also displays additional content. Some topics are addressed on the website through interviews, live reports or videos. This content is now displayed over the city magazine pages to enrich the print experience.

    A winning campaign led by the city of Roanne, awarded by Cap’com network on the occasion of the “2019 Territorial Press Prize”. Cap’Com is the network of public and territorial communication with 25K members and 30 years of existence.

    Objectives met :

    • Trigger a funny read in order to gain readers. Turn the municipal magazine into a qualitative citizen device, awaited in the mailbox
    • Deal with institutional information in a powerful and original way, in substance and form
    • Interest younger people, who do not always read the municipal magazine

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