Use augmented reality for any sector of activity

Discover the advantages and features of AR according to your specific sector.

All printed materials can be brought to life with AR

With globalization and the creation of new technologies, many sectors find themselves at a loss with fast-changing methods of communication, sales, and product creation. The same important factor is at stake for all sectors: renewing their audience due to new client expectation and behavior. How can you adapt without losing the essence of your product or service? Augmented reality is a great tool for you to innovate without disrupting your activity and world load.

COMMUNITIES: improve the quality of life of your people

Update your existing modes of communication with AR and join the « Smart Cities » movement


EDUCATION: Captivate your audience

Make your educational content more playful with Augmented Reality

Overview of an industry school brochure that display SnapPress augmented reality technology

EVENTS: Involve your public

Impress your audience with immersive tools thanks to Augmented Reality

Overview of the Fête de l'Humanité festival program with SnapPress augmented reality technology

PRESS: enhance your printed materials

Make your prints more interactive with digital elements

Overview of the Capital press title frome Prisma Media with SnapPress augmented reality technology

RETAIL: Improve your conversion rate

Offer more services and generate more traffic and sales thanks to AR

Overview of the house catalog with SnapPress augmented reality technology

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