Augmented reality for retail

How to reconcile on and offline? Over the past 20 years, the retail world has undergone a metamorphosis, and customer paths have diversified. Smart shoppers expect technologies to optimize their purchasing path and reduce their costs: save time and money!

How to place your physical point-of-sale and printed media within the context of the digitalization of distribution channels and the omni-channel customer path?

Market-leading retailers such as Decathlon, Boulanger, and Pandora havechosen to opt for augmented reality technology to create a bridge between the physical and digital worlds!

Overview of the house catalog with SnapPress augmented reality technology

Augmented reality on print, how does it work?

Augmented reality technology enables the superposition of digital elements over the real world: such as Instagram filters or Pokemons. The camera on your cell phone is enough to reveal this parallel world!

Connect your multimedia content to a well-defined physical medium: from your catalog to your e-commerce website, from the leaflet to the presentation video, from the packaging to a contest, from a paper guide to the city application… Connect videos, URL links, images, audio, text, games, 3D animations… to the visual media of your choice!

Print and digital are complementary, augmented reality makes it possible to take advantage of the best of both worlds! Onone hand, paper remains physically in the visual field and conveys the notoriety of a brand, it offers a comfortable reading and is a guarantee of confidence as to the content delivered. On the other hand, digital is more reactive, multimedia, interactive and generates statistics. These two supports collaborate and form a virtuous combination.

Augmented reality gives a new dimension to your marketing and communication plans, create the customer experience of your choice: educational, practical, fun or commercial.

Without modifying the basic form of your packaging thereby preserving all its inherent qualities, augmented reality comes as a supplement, a complementary service made available to your customers. Thus, reconciling technophiles and technophobes!

Your printed media with new services and create drive-to-store & drive-to-web traffic

Augmented reality can help retailers manage the diversification of customer paths and new consumer experience requirements by making easily connecting the physical and digital worlds.

Traditionally commercial activity sells through its storefront, its packaging, its sales department, and via direct marketing actions such as the distribution of mailbox catalogues or promotional flyers in the streets. The modern consumer still appreciates the physical dimension of commerce, but has embraced habits related to digital technology: online ordering from home, information and comparaison shopping on the internet, sharing and requesting advice through messaging and forums…

Connect the two worlds, support and guide these new behaviours via augmented reality to offer a better customer experience and bring it to the purchase decision, whether in your store or on your website!


of French people prefer a print product catalog to its digital version


of consumers think that the quality of a print is indicative of the quality of the company's services.

2x - 8x

A conversion rate 2 to 8 times higher than traditional e-commerce

Without modifying the basic form to preserve all its qualities, augmented reality comes as a supplement, a complementary service made available to your targets. Thus, reconcile tech-savvy and newbies!

The advantages of augmented reality for retail

  • Expand your space of expression and convey more information
  • Streamline the omnichannel customer journey and increase the conversion rate
  • Boost your point-of-sale results and increase in-store traffic
  • Develop brand loyalty and animate your community
  • Increase the memorization rate through the wow effect
  • Improve customer satisfaction through an enhanced shopping experience
  • Stand out from the competition through innovative practices
  • Increase perceived quality and margins
  • Free up staff time and empower clients
  • Obtain statistics from your campaigns and observe the behaviour of your audience
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    The best uses of augmented reality for commercial applications

    Catalogue - POS - Signage - Packaging - Flyers - Contests - Window - Posters

    Client work: E.Leclerc X SnapPress

    E. Leclerc Hypermarkets have chosen the SnapPress solution to bring their E. Leclerc Home catalogues to life. A very beautiful realization of the distributor done by the Hudik agency for the French and Spanish markets.

    It is a fact, product catalogues are often too formal, limited to an often non-exhaustive list of references available on the shelf. No more product staging, all those visuals that promote the act of buying when you find yourself in front of a store window or a beautifully designed scenography.

    Overview of the house catalog with SnapPress augmented reality technology

    How then can you bring your products to life without falling into a laborious list of references? By adding the set in augmented reality of course.

    Mission accomplished: To stage the products of the catalogue in a playful way by bringing notes of emotion and ideas for stage design, to present the different ranges and colours of the articles and make them pop humorously, inciting the reader to turn the pages and discover more and more. Links to product descriptions and presentation videos, nothing is missing from this operation to show E. Leclerc Maison products in their best light!

    Video overview of the house catalog with SnapPress augmented reality technology

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