Provide services with augmented reality

Augmented reality breaks down the barriers imposed by printed materials. Offer new services to your consumers and diversify user experience with interactive features and additional informational content.

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Revitalize user experience

Augmented reality on printed materials can improve user experience by incorporating interative elements, translation tools, or gamification.

Upgrade user experience by providing additional services

Incorporating multimedia in your printed materials can fulfill all of your users’ needs and expectations, and facilitate the learning process. For example, a 3D model of a piece of furniture can help users visualize assembly instructions more easily. Multimedia also allow a brand or product to be more inclusive by appealing to the blind with an audio description, the illiterate with wordless animation, or foreign users with automatic translations.

Answer all of your consumers’ needs with additional content

Modern consumers are well connected, mobile and alert and want to know as much as they can about a product before purchase. Augmented reality can be used to offer nutritional information on packages in supermarkets, up-to-date information on printed invites, alerts about traffic on transportation cards, or redirect to a contact form straight from business cards. Possibilities are endless with augmented reality.

Gamify your environment

Augmented reality develops unique entertainment experiences. It adapts very well to Escape Game scenarios, in which game mechanics invite players to discover hidden clues in a close room. Like a detective and his magnifying glass, the smartphone becomes a new tool to solve the enigma thanks to its camera that can reveal digital content hidden around.

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Client project

The Justin Bridou app, by ARGO

The famous dried sausage brand Justin Bridou, a favorite for happy hour and parties, offers a unique and interactive game with the help of augmented reality. All users have to do is download the app and scan the package to start a quiz game with lots of real life gifts available for the winner.

Justin Bridou stands out from similar products on the market by offering a simple incentive in the form of gifts, and getting people to bond and play together with the help of their product’s package.

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