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Augmented reality overcome your support physical limits. Offer additional services! Use the virtual space: enrich your printed media with information and animations.

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Augmented reality to achieve your service objectives

Augmented reality materials offer many possibilities to improve the customer experience. Immersion, interaction, translation, gamification… discover the advantages of augmented reality to meet your service objectives!

Offer additional services to your prints

Increase your product’s functions and differentiate yourself from competitors! The contribution of multimedia to the product design of your printed media allows you to satisfy new expectations.

On the one hand, it makes it possible to enrich the experience. For example, adding video content such as a movie trailer to your magazine can exceed your reader’s expectations and generate a positive emotional response. Another example is 3D modeling. Applied in a medical manual, it allows students to better observe the human body. Applied to a DIY manual, it will make it possible to observe the engineering of parts and their assembly.

On the other hand, multimedia makes it possible to open up to new audiences. Adding audio description to a comic strip, article or package makes it accessible to the visually impaired and illiterate. Audio description also allows the translation of texts and therefore to reach foreign audiences.

Provide contextualized information

Inform your customers exactly when and where they need it. The modern consumer, sometimes referred to as “Smart Shopper”, is connected and well informed. He gathers as much information as possible before taking action. This collected data allows him to evaluate the product or service offered.

Connected, but also mobile, the consumer can be addressed in various places and occasions. In a supermarket, packaging can be augmented to provide information on nutrition, recipes, the production chain and the origin of products. A flyer distributed on the street or on a display can be augmented to transmit updated remotely promotional. The transport card stored in a wallet can contain real-time traffic information. A business card can provide direct links to a contact form or social network accounts. Convenient for those with many namesakes!

Upgrade your process and gamify the environment

Augmented reality develops new, unique entertainment services. By connecting specific physical print to selected digital content, you can offer new experiences, new types of interaction !

It adapts very well, for example, to Escape Game activities, where game mechanics invites players to discover hidden clues from physical objects at their disposal. Like a detective and his magnifying glass, the smartphone becomes a new tool to solve the enigma thanks to its camera that can reveal digital content hidden in the staging setting.

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Justin Bridou app by ARGO

Here’s a buzzing experience by Justin Bridou to animate your parties with its augmented reality packaging.

The brand Justin Bridou offers an original augmented reality game. Nothing more easy to play it, invite your friends and scan the dried sausage packaging with Justin Bridou app (by ARGO) : it’s time for a culture quiz in augmented reality with many gifts to win. Original, user-friendly, interactive, the brand packaging is turned into a game element for a unique experience between friends.

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