Use augmented reality to sell

AR helps you target more users and boost your sales. Get users to notice you with printed materials and turn them into consumers through their own smartphones by offering promotions or easy check-out online.

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Increase your conversion rate

Incite your consumers to purchase your products or services with a faster and more interactive check-out process. Make their experience from beginning to end more fluid and speedy.

Focus on content

Printed materials - flyers, magazines, business cards, posters - are a staple in marketing strategies, as they offer a tangible product to hold and look at. They are still today one of the most efficient medium to communicate information while the user is still in the learning stages of your product or service.

With augmented reality, you can complement the materials with immersive digital features:

  • Multimedia: 3D models, video, audio descriptions…
  • Real time information: newsletters, product reviews from real users, availability…
  • Events: quizzes, games, lottery…
  • Embedded Data: remarketing, targeted promotions…

Simplify the experience

Printed materials are a great launching point to send your users to your online services. To avoid losing your prospective consumers mid way due to the presence of similar products and ads grabbing their attention constantly, you can close the sale much faster by having them land on your online store or newsletter within seconds thanks to AR.

Turn your store into an event space

Attract new consumers to your store or outlet with unique and interactive events on site. Incorporate augmented reality to existing components around the store such as catalogs or product labels by offering special discounts or loyalty points to your visitors, for example. Everything can be turned into an AR experience, even store receipts or product packages.

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Client project: Pandora X Disney

In 2018, Pandora and Disney joined forces to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday by creating a line of jewelry showcasing favorite Disney characters.

To promote the line, Pandora organized a massive treasure hunt with the help of AR. Clients would scan Disney-themed visual material in multiple stores around France, Spain and Italy and collect charms that they would trade for real gifts at check out.

The project was a huge success, with 105K scans in the span of two weeks and over 15K unique visitors.

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