Augmented reality reinforces your brand image

Augmented reality offers a whole new advertising experience. Surprise your audience with innovative printing materials! Add a virtual layer to your prints: hologram videos, contests… Your possibilities are endless.

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Augmented reality over print boosts your brand, product or service memorization. It makes it attractive, it focus attention, allows user interaction and virality… enjoy the power of augmented reality to meet your goals.


Stand out from the highly saturated advertising market with modern, creative, and playful campaigns. Adopt new media trends that will engage Millenials. With augmented reality, users become actors by interacting with their phone and the digital space surrounding them. Give your campaigns a creative storytelling which will make users want to share and spread your campaign.


Use pull communication to position your brand or product in your consumers’ mind. With all the information available at any time, users can research content from anywhere and at their own pace, leading to a more efficient memorization and reception of the message. Coupled with pull marketing, augmented reality enables your message to become interactive with video, audio and animations, which are great tools for your storytelling. Create a strong brand image and strenghen your bond with your clients.


As a media, augmented reality opens a new channel of expression and brand image development. It allows pre-existing marketing material to be reused and readapted in a new markerting context. This technology improves your content as well: no loading time from Youtube, no notification or pop-up ads. You can showcase your content without any external pollution, in a space you have control over. It’s a new immersive media, which interacts with your users while respecting their experience.

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Client project

Place des Editeurs (Editis Group) x “Lisez” app by ARGO

Book publishing is a very competitive and saturated market. The huge amount of books being published on any given period forces publishing houses to develop large scale campaigns in order to give their products a decent amount of visibility. Most publishers invest in poster advertising in public space and waiting areas -such as airports and train stations- to promote their books and authors.

To promote Harlan Coben’s new book, “Run Away”, the French group Editis/Place des Editeurs along with their publishing house Edition Belfond created an innovative campaign in augmented reality.

Harlan Coben tells his stories through suspensful investigations. What can be better than augmented reality to bring mystery and surprise to the promotion of the author’s latest novel?

After downloading an app called « Lisez » powered by ARGO, which uses the same technology as SnapPress, passersby could scan any of the posters they would stumble upon in public spaces to see Harlan Coben himself appear on the screen, giving away clues.

By combining the striking force of a poster campaign with the emotional effect of seeing the author on screen, the campaign took a personal turn and came to life. The book was personified and the brand was accessible. The effects were tremendous.

The campaign was a huge success. Thousands downloaded the app and it was relayed on social Media by the author himself.

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