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Augmented reality offers a brand new kind of advertising experience. Create the “wow” effect with an innovative print! Add a virtual layer to your physical support: multimedia, gamification… and open up new horizons.

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Increase the memorization rate

Augmented reality over print boosts your brand, product or service memorization. It makes it attractive, it focus attention, allows user interaction and virality… enjoy the power of augmented reality to meet your goals.


Stand out from the crowd with a modern, entertaining and creative campaign. Expectations about the quality and originality of communications reach new heights within a tight market. Adopt the latest media trends to reach young people. Augmented reality transforms the consumer into an actor of its own environment, letting him interact with his phone and the space around. Scenarize your print to make it unique.


Use pull communication to position your brand and product within your consumers mind. The provision of information allows the consumer to consult the content where and when he wishes, this communication desired and searched by the recipient will lead to a better reception of the message. In addition to the advantages of pull marketing, augmented reality allows physical media to be accompanied by multimedia content. Yet, video, audio and animations are excellent vehicles for your storytelling.


Augmented reality is new medium which opens a new dimension to express oneself and deploy one’s brand universe. It is a new distribution channel that allows you to reuse your existing content, to script it and to propose it in a contextualized communication. This technology gives pride of place to your content. No YouTube pre-roll, no notifications, no pop-up ads. Present your content, without any external pollution, and in a space you have targeted. This new medium is immersive, engaging and respectful of the consumer’s attitude! A positive experience that will lead him to buy and recommend the product following the experience he has had.

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Editis Group x “Lisez” app by ARGO

The leading french Group Editis / Place des éditeurs through its publishing house Belfond realized in October 2019 the promotion for the new Harlan Coben’s novel.

The publishing industry is highly competitive, the avalanche of novels published over the same period forces publishers to deploy major advertising campaigns in order to ensure visibility. Many of these publishers then invest in advertising campaigns that include waiting areas such as train stations and airports.

This is how Harlan Coben’s latest novel, “Don’t Run Away” was promoted, thanks to an innovative augmented reality display.

The American thriller master, acclaimed by critics, distills his intrigues along mysterious investigations. What better way than augmented reality to bring mystery and surprise for the launch of his latest novel ?

Passers-by are invited to scan the posters to make the author appear on top of its, asking them for help to solve the plot.

A tremendous effect, combining the striking force of a posters campaign with the emotion provided by the apparition of the author himself on top of his book.

A successful objective : The campaign was carried out through the app “Lisez”, powered by ARGO, using the same technology as Snappress app. A campaign that led to thousands of mobile app downloads, and was praised by the author himself, who relayed the campaign on his personal social networks.

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