Solutions: become an expert in augmented reality with SnapPress

Become an augmented reality expert

Do you work with printed content on a daily basis? If so, upgrade you conventional publications with our easy-to-use and powerful augmented reality tools.


The exclusive Adobe In Design plug-in for Augmented Reality

SnapPress AR Publisher plug-in allows you to stage your augmented reality interactions within InDesign, using Adobe native tools to script AR effects over your print layouts.

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Overview of the SnapPress augmented reality editor software plug-in for Adobe InDesign


A powerful online campaign manager

Create, update and manage your augmented reality campaigns from a single and powerful platform. It’s never been easier to store editorial content (video, audio, 3D objects…), plan, publish, analyze and scale immersive AR experiences.

SnapPress augmented reality campaign manager overview

Argo Editor

The complete AR toolkit for creatives

It’s child’s play! Unleash your creativity with our powerful and intuitive augmented reality editor. No need to be an expert: drag and drop your elements, publish and modify your AR interactions as much as you’d like, even after the printing of your documents. Push the boundaries of your printed contents to deploy immersive experiences.

Overview of SnapPress augmented reality editing software


The essential data dashboard

Use our automatic reporting dashboard to get instant access to the performance metrics you’re looking for. Visualize our graphical data dashboard with its curves and relevant tables or simply export rough campaigns data to a csv file. Analyse your audience behavior to adapt your storytelling.

Overview of the SnapPress augmented reality campaign statistics measurement and tracking platform