Powerful Augmented Reality tools to design rich AR experiences

Are you looking for a simple, affordable and powerful solution? Upgrade you conventional materials with our augmented reality services. Our solution includes a digital campaign manager, an AR editor and a free mobile application

ARGO Manager

1. A digital manager for your AR campaigns

Create, launch and modify all your AR campaigns from the same interface. Centralize your content (video, audio, 3D models), manage your campaigns and check your statistics all with a few clicks.

SnapPress augmented reality campaign manager overview

ARGO Editor

2. The complete AR toolkit for creatives

User-friendly and intuitive, it’s really easy to use! No need to be an expert to create your own AR content. You can drag and drop your content and save everything online easily. You can also modify your content after publication. Let your imagination run wild by offering an intuitive and memorable experience to your users.

Logo InDesign

Compatible InDesign

More infos
Overview of SnapPress augmented reality editing software


3. Measure the audience of your campaigns

Visualize all your data from the statistics module and get instant access to the performance metrics you’re looking for. Take advantage of those charts, adapt your AR campaigns to your real life results, and improve your storytelling.

Overview of the SnapPress augmented reality campaign statistics measurement and tracking platform

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