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SnapPress ARGO

Turnkey application

290€/Month* 390€/Month* 390$/Month* 490$/Month*

Annual payment, i.e. 3 480€/year.
25% savings
Monthly payment, i.e. 4 680€/year.

Annual payment, i.e. 4 680$/year.
25% savings
Monthly payment, i.e. 5 880$/year.

  • Valid1 user access to the platform
  • ValidUnlimited scans and visuals
  • ValidFull augmented reality functionalities
  • OptionInitial Training
  • OptionReporting module and detailed stats
  • OptionAPI connector
  • OptionAdditional user access
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Education and NGO

We offer preferential pricing for educational institutions (colleges, high schools, universities) and NGOs.

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* Subscription for 12 month. Prices are displayed without taxes.

Your fully featured Augmented Reality campaign management platform

Your augmented reality editor

  • ValidEdit your A.R. very easily
  • ValidIncrease your visuals in a few clicks
  • ValidDrag and drop your visuals and creations
  • ValidPreview and publish your scenarios instantly (Wysiwyg)
  • ValidEasily copy/paste your interactions from one campaign to another
  • ValidPosition your creations precisely on the visual
  • ValidSwitch to 3D view to increase depth perception
  • ValidEasily navigate from one visual to another within your campaign
  • ValidManage your AR layers as if in Adobe Photoshop
  • ValidUse the multi-language function to vary your interactions

A large library of predefined RA interactions

  • ValidVideo (different playback modes)
  • ValidImages (GIF / PNG / JPEG)
  • ValidImage gallery
  • ValidURL links
  • ValidEmail
  • ValidTelephone number
  • ValidWebview
  • ValidVcards
  • ValidAgenda
  • ValidHologram
  • Valid3D objects and animations

Unique statistics on your audience

  • ValidReal-time traffic visualization
  • ValidVolume of active users per campaign / visuals
  • ValidScans per campaign / visuals
  • ValidVisual clicks / interactions
  • ValidCumulative statistics by campaign
  • ValidComparison of statistics vs. N-1
  • ValidAdvanced filtering options (Frequency / Campaign / Visual / Interaction / Mobile OS)
  • ValidGross export of all statistical data (.csv)
  • OptionGraphical reporting module (pie charts, tables...etc)

In your platform

  • ValidManage your users
  • ValidManage your campaign settings
  • ValidCreate your Augmented Reality campaigns
  • ValidModify in unlimited and instant
  • ValidAnalyze Statistics by campaigns, visuals, scans, interactions, clicks ...
  • ValidEasily measure your R.O.I.

Support at your disposal

  • ValidMail
  • ValidChat
  • ValidForum and FAQs
  • OptionTelephone
  • OptionPriority tickets

Additional options

  • OptionAPI connector
  • OptionInitial training
  • OptionContest games / Winning moment
  • OptionAdditional user access
  • OptionContent creation by our studio

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A mobile application branded with your logo?

We can create your white-label application or integrate our Augmented Reality SDK into your existing application.

Your application

White label and SDK

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the 3 formulas?

All 3 allow access to all the features of Augmented Reality

Snappress: our turnkey solution.
It allows you to benefit from the notoriety of our unique application, already used by more than 250 partners

White Label: your app created to your image.
It allows you to have an application in the colours of your brand
SDK: Augmented Reality in your existing app.
Already have an application? We take care of integrating our technological brick into it.

How is the payment made?

For payment, it’s simple, we set-up a direct bank transfer for all payments.
Subscriptions are annual.
The amount billed varies depending on whether you pay annually (290€x12) or monthly (390€ each month).

Can I get a free trial?

Yes. We have a solution specially designed for trial users with limited features compared to our pro version available. To try it, contact us !

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