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“When you choose a game changing partner, you look further than a technology, you look for support, listening and creativity. These qualities were essential to develop an editorial product as our magazine NEON towards augmented reality. SnapPress led our team on the path to success by making the collective intelligence a real action plan. Today, augmented reality is part of our strategy to transform the print, because we believe in immersive formats that are the medias of tomorrow.”
“SnapPress team is everything that we love: reliable, reactive and efficient. We have been using their solution for a few months now: everything is working perfectly and our customers are delighted. A fine example of an innovative, dynamic start-up with a bright future. Thank you :)”
“Augmented reality and virtual reality being the major trends of 2018, it was important for us to be able to offer it to our customers. Today with SnapPress, we produce creative projects that combine digital with print. It is for our customers the ability to display interactive contents on press, posters, packagings, but also to offer a new consumer experience. It is also a way to strengthen the link between the brand and its clients.”
“SnapPress, for me: - A distribution tool of augmented contents very easy to implement, which is also the cheapest on the market. - A constantly evolving solution, which allows me to stick to my public expectations and technological evolutions. - A powerful team: listening, proactive, for whom you are much more than a customer: a partner! - It’s finally a long-term vision of the impacts of augmented reality in many fields.”
“A very proactive team to develop projects in augmented reality. Tower Saas platform is easy to use and its capabilities almost limitless. SnapPress is a real innovation tool that complete my offer of video contents.”
“SnapPress allowed us, in a short period, to autonomously set up an original strategy of augmented reality on a various range of medias, from our sales catalogues to our stores. The technology is quite simple to learn and powerful in terms of loading and display animations. Thanks to augmented reality, beyond the wow effect, it is a richer experience that we are able to offer our customers at the point of sale and from their homes!”

Marina Borriello
Chief XR Officer - Prisma Media

Thomas Templier
Fondateur - POSQA

Chef De Projet - HUDIK

Frédéric GARGAUD
Chef De Projets Éditoriaux - L’Humanité

Co-Fondatrice De L’agence OURSICATE
Créatrice De MINI-MINOIS

Responsable Commerce Digital - Irrijardin

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