Augmented reality startups Bear and SnapPress merged to become ARGO

Printer, agency, publisher, graphic artist or press industry operator ?

Insert easily augmented reality on your printed materials.

SnapPress AR - Plug-In InDesign

Plug-in for ADOBE InDesign
SnapPress Publisher

Try for free the world's first Augmented Reality Adobe plug-in. No need to be an expert to stage your printed campaigns in Augmented Reality. SnapPress AR Publisher allows you to use any editing tool available within InDesign to enrich your documents with interactive layers.

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SnapPress AR - Plateforme SaaS

Discover our powerful online SaaS platform

Edit your documents in real time using the SaaS Platform. Import any visual, even printed, to upgrade it with our Augmented Reality interactive layers :
Available interactions : URL / Video / Audio / Phone / Email / Vcard / Webview / 3D Object

SnapPress AR - Plug-In InDesign

Check live results of your campaigns

Get valuable statistics of how activity is performing : range of devices, number of scans / clicks, dates and times, pages view, geolocation...delivers powerful measurement of your campaigns to drive greater efficiency and ROI through our data dashboard.